90 Days With Big Fig

When I first saw the Big Fig mattress at an event, it was the TCF Style Expo in 2017. My friend Alysse Dalessandro of Ready to Stare was working with them and convinced me to sit on it. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was! It is a mattress that is geared towards people who are big and/or tall. Cut to a year later and I saw them again and well the rest is history. They emailed me and asked me if I wanted to try a mattress. Of course I said yes!



I did my research before receiving the mattress and I was so amazed at the stats. Not only is it constructed with 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning but(according to the Big Fig site) it also has ” 50% more coils than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market, our 1600 count innerspring system actively pushes back against body weight, and provides underlying support.” It also has a ThermoGel cooling technology that acts like activewear that wicks sweat and cools you down. Perfect for Addison because good lord that boy is sweaty haha.

I read this and thought hmmm could this be true?? I have had a LOT of mattresses in my life and I thought how could Big Fig be different?!

Addison and I have been living together since January. When we weren’t living together, I slept over at his place twice a week and thought his memory foam mattress was the the best thing EVER. Let me tell you guys…. it was trash. I never knew how awful it was to sleep on until we moved in together and I was sleeping on it every single night. I already have back issues , pain in my heels, and this exasperated it. I would get up in the morning and be in terrible pain. I could feel the bed sinking. It literally felt like the frame was stabbing me.

I work in retail by day and was always sore from being on my feet and lots of heavy lifting. Addison’s bad mattress was not helping. We have a guest room and I would hop between both beds all week long. It was an awful way to sleep! I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk when I woke up. And Addison is 6’2 ! My bed wasn’t great for him either. His feet would be just at the end of it. We sacrificed a lot of sleep for a few months.

So when Big Fig reached out I jumped at the chance. I was desperate to sleep better. I work 9-6 and I travel a ton. I got tired of well…looking and feeling tired!!

I cannot begin to explain how Big Fig has drastically changed the way I sleep. (Yes I can!!) The first night, I slept so much better. We both did. It was instant. I finally felt rested and for the first time in months, I could walk on my heels when I got out of bed without crying in pain. We have a queen size bed with a 9 inch foundation and the elevation really helps!

Addison and I work opposite schedules. He works at night and stays up very late. I NEVER feel it when he gets in bed. He always tells me the next day how I don’t even stir when he climbs over the footboard and walks across the top of the bed to not disturb me. It’s pretty comical! After years of suffering from not so great sleep, its nice to finally feel well rested all the time. I could sleep for 4 hours and wake up like I slept for 8. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore. Its so soft yet firm that I don’t feel like I am sinking into the mattress. It works for him too. His long legs are never dangling off and he sleeps like a kitten. And he finally isn’t sweating all over me. Our pup Biscuit loves it too! He found his happy place on our bed!!


* This mattress was gifted to me. All opinions are my own and if you purchase from the previous embedded  links, I will receive a small commission.

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